Green Mountain Crop Mob


High Mowing Seeds, August 2010

High Mowing Seeds is an independently owned, farm based seed company, dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality certified organic seeds. At their site in Wolcott, VT, they have both production and demonstration gardens. The mob visited the demonstration gardens in order to help the crew ready for High Mowing Seeds' annual field day. To find out more about High Mowing, follow this link. To see pics of the Crop Mob, click here.

Bella Farm, July 2010

Bella Farm is a located at the Intervale in Burlington, Vermont. We grow basil and garlic that we process into our own pesto. Our first garlic beds (of German Extra Hardy) were planted one lovely Saturday morning by a wonderful crew of 30 volunteers! You can see photos of our garlic party by following this link. You can find out more about Bella Farm at


Wellspring Farm, June 2010

On their website, Wellspring Farms gives a great little intro. They write: "Wellspring Farm has been farmed organically since the late 1980s. It was the home of one of Vermont's very first CSA farms, started by Farmer Les Snow. Prior to that, cows roamed our pasture and were milked in our historic barn. There has been one famous resident at the farm: Luvia Lafirira... She felt that our land and natural springs were a source of energy and perhaps sacred; hence our chosen moniker, Wellspring Farm. The land here is rich indeed! Since 2003, the land has been farmed by Mimi Arnstein who has been growing locally for 10 years." For photos of the mob at Wellspring, click HERE.

Jericho Settlers' Farm, May 2010

Jericho Settlers' Farm is run by Emilie, her daughter Christa, and son-in-law (Mark). Their website says: "The farm name was chosen because we live on two of the earliest settled farms in Jericho, Vermont. The farms are the Chapin Homestead settled in 1783 and the Brown Family Homestead circa 1800s. We continue the tradition of raising healthy food on small family farms." You can find out more about Jericho Settlers' Farm by clicking here. You can see photos of our mob at the farm by clicking here.

Symphony Farm, April 2010

On April 25th a group of Mobsters arrived at Symphony Farm in Washington VT. Jonathan Falby and Meaghan Kane gave birth to this farm idea in the summer of 2009. They are "producing raw milk, grass-fed beef, savory garden products and a killer educational experience!" We helped the pair transport top soil (in 5 gallon buckets loaded into the back of Jonathan's pickup) to their new no-till garden. Mobsters sifted the soil through screens and used the rocks that were left to line the pathways. The rewards were sweet: Farm raised burgers on the porch when the work was done.
You can see photos of the mob by following this link.

Crop Mob at Adam's Berry Farm, March 2010

Adam's Berry Farm is a certified organic Pick Your Own and wholesale berry farm located in downtown Burlington. We grow strawberries, blueberries and raspberries which allows us to offer a berry from June to October. Our ease of access, friendly atmosphere and delicious berries make us a must visit. We are Chittenden County's only full scale certified organic berry farm. Our berries can be found at the farm and select markets and restaurants through out Burlington. We look forward to seeing you with your family and friends for a fun day of berry picking. 
You can see photos of the Mob by following this link.
You can find out more about the farm at